Turkish Cuisine on a Blue Cruise

Turkish Cuisine on a Blue Cruise

Turkish Cuisine on a Blue Cruise

Discover the Mediterranean coast with a Turkey cruise on board a Gulet yacht. This holiday is incomparable to anything! We invite you to board a Gulet (made of wood, built and decorated in traditional Turkish style) in order to escape the routine bustling life and get relaxed under the sun and caressed by the sea breeze. During a Blue Cruise, you will have enough time for the most favorite activities: reading, daily rest, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and many others. You can enjoy visiting historical places that are the heritage of ancient civilizations. At that time, your Blue Cruise team anxiously monitors the implementation of all your wishes and also makes you enjoy the Turkish Cuisine. Turkish Cuisine has evolved from a combination of three key elements - the fertile land, the institution of the palace kitchen and strong tradition of respect for food. Crew members of your Blue Cruise follow all traditions.

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A few words about the Turkish cuisine The more popular bakeries in Turkey are white bread (ekmek), baked flat bread (pide), sprinkled rings with sesame seeds (simit), and thinly rolled like a sheet of paper, broad layers of dough (Borek). As for meat, it is first of all, of course, kebabs (meat cooked on an open fire) where all over the world it is called barbecue. Nowadays, kebabs are prepared by not only meat, but also fish and poultry. Kebabs are cooked on the coal fire, sometimes in a pot, but without water. The taste of kebabs comes from the excellent quality meat breed of sheep and cattle grown on open pastures. Another popular meat is delicious meatballs (Kofte) -minced raw meat, mixed with spices and eggs, served in the form of pellets as raw or roasted-.

It's no secret that Turkey is famous for its seas. And where the sea is, there is luxurious and most delicious seafood. The most popular way of cooking a fish is grilling on charcoal. You can try red mullet, swordfish, octopus, cuttlefish, oysters, skate, red bream, lobster and all are very fresh. Any gourmet would appreciate all.

Not to be forgotten are vegetables that will cool you down during lunches in the heat of summer. Pepper, tomato, eggplant, zucchini stuffed with meat is called dolma (from the verb to fill). The stuffing is made from rice with minced meat. Most often, green peppers are used for dolma. Often cooked form of vegetables is with their own juices and with olive oil. Turkish cuisine is a celebration for the stomach. This is especially noticeable in desserts. Turkey is the birthplace of apricots, cherries, figs. Fruits are eaten fresh and dried or cooked as jams and preserves. Most delicious marmalade of quince, sour cherry jam and rose petal jam can be considered to be in Turkey.

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The most famous is baklava (thin cakes sprinkled with nuts and drenched with sugar syrup). Turkish pudding (muhallebi) is premade from the milk with starch, rice flour, lemon, chicken breast - but without the eggs and oil. Another one is lokma - fried dough with syrup. There are many other desserts like halva, marzipan... All are served mainly with a Turkish coffee. The Turks drink it a little, like espresso. In the mornings, Turks are much more willing to drink tea. Here, it is not brewed and served in small original glasses. The tea is even included in the work schedule. Despite the Islamic tradition, the Turks considerably consume alcohol. Beer, wine (Turkey is the birthplace of Dionysus -the Greek god of wine-) and famous and national "Raki", which is mostly mixed with cold water. After adding water, Raki gets white; therefore its second name is "lion's milk". Turks also drink Ayran (yogurt diluted with water).

Holiday on Turkish yacht cruise is comfort, relaxation and positive emotions in the heavenly sea. Have a nice Blue Cruise.