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Blue Cruise in TurkeyThe most exciting way to explore Turkey's fabulous coasts is to board a romantic Turkish gulet yacht for a Blue Cruise. Simply, a Blue Cruise is the yacht charter on the Mediterranean and south Aegean coastline of Turkey.

The first myth about a yacht cruise holiday is that chartering a yacht is an expensive proposition. In fact, the yacht cruise price is only comparable to what you might pay at a quality resort but the resort will have few of the pleasures you'll enjoy on your own yacht cruise holiday. Above all, you will be surprised at how reasonably priced the Blue Cruises are. Indeed, if you plan a Blue Cruise holiday in Turkey with a couple of friends the price becomes even more reasonable. A Blue Cruise in Turkey invites freedom, choice and incredible beauty, for not much more than it costs to lodge up with hundreds of other tourists.

Gulet yacht cruiseThe Turkey Blue Cruise is the ultimate vacation as you sail along a beautiful coastline while getting away from routines and exploring the many coves. A Blue Cruise can allow you to wake up to a new outlook every day. Blue Cruise in Turkey is pure freedom - - - a real travel experience at its best.

To enjoy a Blue Cruise, you don't need to have sailing experience. Sit back and relax, because your Blue Cruise yacht crew will take you to the most secluded bays and islands of Turkish Riviera.

If you are a group, please choose your Blue Cruise yacht from our fleet or contact us to organize your private yacht cruise vacation.

If you are a couple or small party and cannot afford a private yacht charter, you can take a yacht cabin charter to experience the Blue Cruise in Turkey.

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