The attractions during a Turkey boat charter around Marmaris area-2

The attractions during a Turkey boat charter around Marmaris area-2

Turkey Boat Charter around Turunc

Turunc - a small coastal resort town on the shore of the beautiful bay, located in the district of Marmaris, a beautiful bay in the south-west of the city at a distance of twenty kilometers. Natural lagoon is framed by steep cliffs and beautiful sandy beach in the bay of Turunc and has a length of five hundred meters. By the sight, there is a large island that protects the bay from stormy winds and large waves though they just seldom happen. The sea is great, it shimmers with all the shades of blue color, the water is clear, so that the 12-15 meters deep can be seen very clearly. The beach has imported large black sand. You have to go to sea on a large smooth stones. Turunc has wonderful clean beaches and the sea has been awarded with a Blue Flag certificate by the European Union. You can swim in most of the year because the temperature is generally over 15 - C even in the winter months. The sun rises over the sea and goes around the corner, so the sunset is early, but not fast. The slopes of mountains and hills are mainly covered by pine trees. The village is rich with pomegranate, fig and olive, magnolias and palm trees. Unlike in Marmaris, there are not a lot of flowers in Turunc village. The air is clean and the night smells of resin.

Life in Turunc is maintained by stops of turkey boats and yachts requiring minor repairs and provisions for Blue Cruises. Many turkey boats and yachts cast the anchor at nights outside the restaurants which are full of visitors.

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The underwater world of this area is amazing and has many faces. There are many caves and rocky ledges underwater. You can also find opportunities for the beach and water sports. Here, it-s allowed all sports except the ones with speed engine boats. This regulation is in order to avoid environmental pollution and excessive noise. Scuba diving courses are also popular in the area. You can book a scuba diving excursion either from Marmaris or ask to your captain to call a school boat. They pick you up from your Turkey boat and drop back after the excursion. The fishing enthusiasts like to visit Turunc, because fishing here is also very popular.

Blue cruises along the turkey boat, yacht or gulet coast of Turkey with stops in many charming villages and coves is sort of a highlight of Marmaris. Even more opportunities to hone this flavor in the sea, right from the yacht or turkey boat, ride on a jet ski or swim in the crystal clear waters or fish or dive in full equipment deep in the sea and look at the amazing life under water .