Rent Sailing Yacht in Turkey

Rent Sailing Yacht in Turkey

Rent sailing yacht in Turkey

Discover crystal clear waters and the many bays of the south-western coast of Turkey! The most interesting sailing areas are between Fethiye, Gocek and Bodrum, up to Cesme near Izmir in the north and till Antalya in the south. Anyone who has sailed in the world will see that the Turkish coast is one of the best and most scenic destinations in the world for sailing lovers. Do not miss this experience! Take a look at our fleet and rent the sailing yacht of your dreams! You can rest easy browsing with a company of proven professional!


As being one of the best places to sail in the Mediterranean, Turkey offers centuries of history, culture and civilization. Turkey is the crossroads of ancient civilizations, cultures and businesses. Turkish coasts, often green and irregular, are packed with bays and coves that are perfect for recreational sailing. Turkey is the dream of sailors, navigation is fantastic with great breezes and sheltered anchorages. The coasts of Turkey offer excellent cruises from spring until autumn.

You may also choose to sail in the Aegean of Greece. With its hundreds of islands, Greece is another most popular destination for sailors. Sailing along the Greek Islands is something that every sailors needs. A myriad of islands with hundreds of hidden bays are perfect to discover the true essence of the Mediterranean Sea. This destination is a must for sailing yacht charters where the mythology waits around every corner.

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