Blue Cruise areas (Marmaris) - 2

Blue Cruise areas (Marmaris) - 2

The first and last nights of the Marmaris cabin charters are spent in the marina located in the Marmaris town center. Below are the places you may visit in Marmaris during your Turkey yacht cruise.

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On your Turkey yacht cruise, just by the entrance of Marmaris Yacht Port, you will see colorful selling souvenirs, kilims and carpets, jeweleries, etc. It will attract you to its shady and small streets. There is Bedesten. Bedesten, or as it is referred to as "covered market" - one of the oldest monuments of Marmaris, which tells about the ancient and very rich history. Bedesten is the center of a huge market.

Everybody likes shopping, and the most famous shopping area in Marmaris is Bedesten. Your shopping here can be a low-cost factory of the famous Turkish quality clothing or a simple but elegant souvenir oriental handmade works. If you visit Bedesten in Marmaris, do not forget to buy fir or pine honey from a souvenir shop on the way back to yacht. This you will not find in any other country. Turks say: "Useful pine honey nature did not come up." Tourists who are tired of the abundance of goods can relax in the famous Ottoman coffee house which is located in the garden market. There, visitors can enjoy a cup of delicious Turkish coffee or aromatic tea and relax or even smoke a hookah.

Ibrahim Pasha Mosque

In the area next to the market Kemeralti, which is located in twenty-two miles from the center of Marmaris, is a mosque of Ibrahim Pasha - another attraction of the city. Large domed mosque of Ibrahim Pasha is a traditional pattern of Ottoman architecture and is quite popular among the pilgrims. Constructed by the project, the architect who designed the Ibrahim Pasha, and today it is a place of worship of the townspeople

Its construction was completed in 1789. This mosque has differences from earlier buildings of this kind, and these differences cannot be attributed to the European influence. These differences were due to the need to change something in the style of mosques, lasted too long. The architect did not try to stand against the Turks classical Ottoman style, but he felt the need for a period of change in innovations in the construction of mosques. However, the absence of the architect-confidence and creativity has led to a distortion of the traditional style of the mosque; the work became more artsy and campy. Ibrahim Pasha Mosque is like the symbol of identity in Marmaris and towers over the city for several centuries.