Places to see in Marmaris on a Turkey yacht charter

Places to see in Marmaris on a Turkey yacht charter

Places to see in Marmaris on a Turkey yacht charter

We offer 3 different Turkey yacht charter programs out of Marmaris;

  • Turkey yacht charter on -Marmaris-Fethiye-Marmaris
  • Turkey yacht charter on -Marmaris-Datca-Marmaris
  • Turkey yacht charter on -Marmaris-Greek Islands-Marmaris

The first and last nights of the shared yacht charters are spent in the marina located in the Marmaris town center. Below are the places you may visit in Marmaris during your Turkey yacht charter.turkey yacht charter

Caravanserai Hafsa Sultan

In the historical part of Marmaris, the so-called Old City, is Caravanserai Hafsa Sultan. Caravanserai was used to be a roadside inn where travelers or soldiers could relax and recuperate before proceeding. Caravanserai Hafsa Sultan was built in 1545, its upper part is decorated with original painted arches, and he was located in a narrow street leading to the city center. Caravanserai has seven small rooms and one large.

Caravanserai symbolizes the hospitality of Marmaris and Marmaris locals. Near to the Caravanserai variety of souvenirs made by local residents are sold, who will be a wonderful reminder of visiting the city of Sea Pearl. Several times a week in summers, folkloric dances and colorful shows by the local population are performed in the Caravanserai.

Marmaris Castle

In the heart of the rocky peninsula, an ancient castle is located on a hill which is surrounded by small houses and shops. According to Herodotus, the castle was built by Ionians in 3000 BC. Inside the castle there was a city which eventually grew on the hills and reached to the sea. In 1522, Sultan Suleiman ordered to rebuild the castle. After strengthening, the castle together with the harbor became a naval base by Ottoman navy and its hundreds of boats. During the First World War, the castle was attacked by the French navy and was badly damaged.

In 1979, it was decided to restore the original appearance of the castle, in this connection the work began on the restoration of the building. The castle was opened to public for visits on 18 May 1991. According to the decision of the Turkish Ministry of Culture, the castle became a museum. In the courtyard, the archaeological exhibition is placed, and inside the castle there is part of the ethnographic. The castle museum has seven galleries. The largest gallery is an exhibition hall. All galleries and a courtyards decorated with flowers. The first gallery is devoted to the seventh president of Turkey - Kenan Evren. Here you can see his awards and gifts. In the second gallery ancient artifacts that have been found in archaeological excavations are presented. The third gallery, made in ethnographic style, is a traditional Turkish house. The fourth gallery is the workroom commander. The castle contains several old guns and stone cannon balls, and the huge anchors which are against the wall. You may even see the castle while you are docked in Marmaris Yacht Port during your Turkey yacht charter.