Oludeniz A must see spot on a Turkey yacht charter - 1

Oludeniz A must see spot on a Turkey yacht charter - 1

Oludeniz means "Dead Sea" in Turkish. This famous resort is so beautiful that many of Turkey yacht charter guests call it "God' s gift to the world". The beautiful bay which affects the imagination of Turkey yacht charter guest with its beauty is surrounded by pine forests. In a quiet cove, there are no high waves and the water surface is always calm. This place is a very convenient bay for mooring on Turkey yacht charters.

Oludeniz Fethiye

Oludeniz Beach is the most beautiful and popular tourist beaches in Turkey and is now a National Park. That is why there are no hotels on the beach and new construction works are banned to preserve the uniqueness of the local nature. There is a small but deep valley located in nearby. Almost one third of the surface of the valley thru this bay is blocked by sand, forming a nearly closed reservoir. That is why this interior sea is called as dead by the locals, later the name of the sea is spread to the entire region. The entry of charter yachts, sail boats, even any sea vehicles by engine like tender boats, jet skis are forbidden, so the water is particularly transparent and crystal clarity. Large cliffs surround the bay and create a unique whimsical landscape which gives opportunity for hiking to Turkey yacht charter passengers.

On a private yacht charter out of Marmaris, Gocek or Fethiye, Oludeniz is a classical stop for the yachts. The yachts operated for cabin charters do not cruise nearby Oludeniz. During a yacht cabin charter, you can take an excursion or shuttle to visit Oludeniz that takes a 15 kms drive from Fethiye on a scenic road between pine forests. The road leads up and down, and you will have some fatigue when suddenly you will see the extraordinary blue sea.

Its smooth surface is remarkably stationary, without any algae, and the bottom is covered with white sand. Sunlight is refracted and reflected in the water from the sand takes a delightful blue shade. Azure becomes even richer when the shade of the pine trees in the fall of the Dead Sea.