Features and main differences of Bodrum yachts

Features and main differences of Bodrum yachts

Bodrum is located in Turkey on the coast of the Aegean Sea. Bodrum is one of the most popular ports for yacht charter in Turkey and Turkish sailing center. One of the highlights you can experience in Turkey is to reserve a Bodrum boat and take a week long cruise along the coast, sailing thru a route to the favorite bays. By a Bodrum boat, you may also take a day trip to visit the Black Island (Kara Ada) with hot springs which rises in the grotto beach of Ortakent, an amazing aquarium (Aquarium), secluded coves, where the water is crystal clear and pure that you can even see the fishes in the deep. Renting a Bodrum boat would offer an excellent cruise. During the boat cruise along the Bodrum coast, it's possible to see the ancient Bodrum Castle (Castle of St. Peter) majestically standing over the peninsula. While driving down to Bodrum, you will enjoy a magnificent view of the yacht marina with a background of the town with sailing Bodrum boats behind and the hills with windmills.

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Regatta of Bodrum Yachts

In October, witnessing the annual Regatta of Bodrum yachts is also possible. This boating cup leaves many pleasant experiences. In Bodrum, boat building is a traditional craft. The history of Bodrum yacht leads to centuries. Turkish "tirhandily" and "gulets" are special to Bodrum. Tirhandily gulets participate in the celebration of regattas, as well as some other excursions. Renting a Bodrum yacht and joining in this race would be an unforgettable experience.

Tourism in Bodrum devoted primarily to boating, sailing and relaxing in the beach resorts and spending time in the night life. There are lots of restaurants, bars and cafes to suit every taste. In addition to the traditional Turkish delicacies, international kitchens can also be found in Bodrum. For yachtsmen with children, the great water park in Bodrum is full with fun."

Cruising on a Bodrum yacht would offer an unforgettable experience. A cruise on a Bodrum yacht is an inshore sailing. After sailing around the most beautiful bays with a stunningly-beautiful nature, there is always the opportunity to take a walk on ashore at moorings. You will see the beauty of nature, Bodrum Boats immersing into the sunset, the blue of the sea and the most hidden bays of the Mediterranean and Aegean. Many types of water sports like water ski, Jet Ski, banana, ringo, etc can be made once a luxurious or deluxe Bodrum boat is rented. Though Bodrum yachts are heavy vessels, sailing is available when the weather conditions permit, because sailing is an extraordinary pleasure on board a Bodrum yacht. Skin diving, fishing, kayaking or surfing are the facilities that can be found on Bodrum boats. A boat holiday in Bodrum provides a full rest on the Mediterranean Sea, away from the bustle of the world and gaining positive energy, resetting your soul and mind!

A week on a Bodrum yacht is such a versatile holiday that is highly recommended to everyone!