Bodrum Blue Cruise areas

Bodrum Blue Cruise areas

What are the attractions during your Turkey cruise around Bodrum area-2

On their Turkey yacht charter around Bodrum, the active tourists prefer to go to the bay of Gumbet where there are opportunities for surfing, scuba diving, water skiing. Gumbet bay is located around 2,5 kms from the Bodrum town center. Such a convenient location and proximity to the airport make this resort very popular for Turkey yacht charterguests. This place is also preferred by families with children due to its very long sandy beach and shallow warm sea.

Beach of the bay is famous with its wide band, fine golden sand and calm sea. Tourists can enjoy all the amenities of Turkey yacht charter on the skirts of the gulf coast. The beaches are often getting into all sorts of ratings of "best beaches in the world." Besides, it is very convenient to relax with the kids. There are several small cozy bays united in an area called as Aquarium - a small cove with a surprisingly clear water in which the fishes are visible as they are swimming in an aquarium.

Hotels in Gumbet bay have large territories, water parks and swimming pools, animation, variety of services and entertainment. The ones located a little further from the beach are significantly more economical and can offer rooms at very cheap prices for such a popular resort. Recently, the number of Gumbet hotels and entertainment competes with the ones in Bodrum town.

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In the evening the city center as if waking up and filled with light of different colors, decorated facades of restaurants, discos, the resort and most of the houses. In the evenings, bars, cafes and restaurants are full with vacationers and on the streets it is possible to hear music of various styles. In the center of the resort , there are dozens of places to enjoy international food.

On a Turkey yacht charter from Bodrum, in you can also cruise to the hot spring of Sedir Island which rises in the grotto. It is believed that the healing mud in the area owes its long youth to the beauty of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Therefore, almost all women, trapped on the island are sure to put this "healing ointment" on their body. It is believed that the local dirt is removed from the pain of sciatica and arthritis and they are very nutritious for the skin. After taking mud baths, you can be rinsed in boiling hot springs and get into a cave and swim in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. Here, the warm mineral water sources flow down from the rocks and it is ideal for swimming. They say that they can even change color. The island is densely covered with vegetation and looks very green. The slope of the mountain that reaches 400 meters in height covers beautiful and fragrant pine forest.