Yacht charters along the Greek Islands, Rhodes - 2

Yacht charters along the Greek Islands, Rhodes - 2

Bright bouquet experiences during Greek Islands yacht charter will give you one of the most amazing cities in the Mediterranean - the island's capital is Rhodes. Here modernity intertwined with a mysterious Middle Ages and traces of ancient times. The Curious Case of one of the " Seven Wonders of the Ancient World " - the Colossus of Rhodes, surely interest you. Legendary Filerimoshill, where once reigned ancient Acropolis Yalissa - is one of the most popular and romantic spots on the island. Greek Islands yacht charter includes not only stay in the sea, but also on the ground. Look Antique Acropolis. Religious and cultural center in the ancient capital of the famous Acropolis of Rhodes ruins of the Temple of Apollo Pythian, c ancient stadium and the school of oratory. In the Rhodes school once honed their skills such famous Romans like Caesar, Cicero and Cassius!

Rhodes City. The open air museum! City in which he lives a few thousand people, its picturesque streets still keep the spirit of chivalry era. Real delight to visitors powerful fortifications, towers, moats, Masters Palace, Hospital of the Knights, Knights Street, residential and commercial neighborhoods. Filerimoshill. World famous temple Filerimskoy Virgin unusual for many that has two altars - Orthodox and Catholic. You see the fragments of the ancient temple of the goddess Athena, the majestic semnadtsatimetrovy cross with an observation deck, walk along the famous avenue, symbolizing Christ's way to Calvary. New Rhodes (Mandraki harbor area). Strolling through the administrative center of the city of Rhodes, you will see the magnificent buildings of the Italian era, the area of branded shops and boutiques, as well as the Greek Islands yacht charter around Rhodes passes in a place where there are the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. Did you know that the city of Rhodes was founded in 408 BC, so the island's capital today is over 2400 years!

Pearl Greek Islands yacht charter on the island of Rhodes, Lindos is a fabulous, exciting stories in which blend harmoniously in different epochs. In ancient times, it was the richest island city-state, but now - it is a picturesque village that retains its unique flavor. To this day, the true ornament of the city is the Acropolis, one of the most important historical sites of antiquity. Features of the landscape stands out among other attractions of Lindos, and most guests feel a sense of joy from what!

Greek Islands yacht charter

Acropolis is the second important after the Acropolis in Athens. It was founded more than 2500 years ago! Admirers of the famous Temple of Athena Lindia who visited here, until we reached the names of Alexander the Great, Helen of Troy, Hercules. During the Greek Islands yacht charter to Rhodes, you touch the maximum history. Village lays a necklace at the foot of the gigantic cliffs, crowned a magnificent castle knight, for thick walls which hides Acropolis. Church of the Assumption of the Virgin with its magnificent frescoes, colorful captain's houses, narrow streets of the mosaic, polished to a shine, plenty of souvenirs and, of course, spectacular views of walking and sailing on the Greek Islands yacht charter around the island!

Positive emotions, tasty food and lots of fun, dancing and fun will make your trip to the Greek Islands yacht charter unforgettable.