Yacht charters along the Greek Islands, Rhodes - 1

Yacht charters along the Greek Islands, Rhodes - 1

Take a Greek islands charter on the Island of the Gods- Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands; rich in history and culture. In particular, it became the seat of the Knights of St. John in the XIV century. A Greek Islands charter is not only an adventure and travel on a yacht charter; it-s also an opportunity to see many historical sites.

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Visit the beautiful town of Lindos during the Greek Islands charter the and its famous Acropolis, stroll through the streets of the old city, the capital of the island of Rhodes, visit the restored monastery Filerimos - and you get a great pleasure. Pearl Islands - legendary Lindos, in the exciting stories which blend harmoniously in different epochs.

The ancient Lindos was the richest state of the island, now is a picturesque village that retains its unique flavor. Above sea level here raises a gigantic rock, topped by a magnificent knight castle which is perfectly visible from the boat of your Greek Islands charter. Its powerful fortifications are hidden behind the ruins of the ancient Acropolis of Lindos, which is most important and is second only Athenian. Admirers of the famous Temple of Athena Lindia who visited here, until we reached the names of Alexander the Great, Helen of Troy, Hercules.

Greek Islands charter will introduce you to the famous bay of St. Paul, which resembles the top in heart form, the temple of the Assumption, with its stunning frescoes and a tall steeple, white captain's houses, with shelter from prying eyes courtyards, narrow streets of the mosaic, polished to a shine legs tourist arrivals; cute donkeys - the famous " Lindos taxi "; abundance of souvenirs and, of course, spectacular views - all this is fraught with Lindos. Entertaining charter, gorgeous mosaic of the Island, which is sure to impress even the most avid travelers.

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Greek Islands charter is a unique opportunity to get a complete picture of the island. Rich bouquet of bright colors and feelings of familiarity with the island's history, traditions and customs of the inhabitants, features local cuisine, varied nature of the two coasts. On the Greek Islands charter around Rhodes, you may visit Ancient Kamiros - "Rhodes Pompeii", the fortress of the Knights of Saint John of the 15th century, the chapel of St. Panteleimon. You will stop at the famous Rhodes village winemakers, as well as Prasonisi where the two Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, which has a romantic name - "Kiss of two seas". Taste the local wine, honey and olive oil, lunch in a traditional rustic tavern and swimming in one of the island's best beaches - all this conveys a picture of the island in all its diversity.

A Greek Islands charter is equally attractive for adults and children. Greek Islands charter is diverse and fun, combines both historical information and familiarity with the everyday life of local people, traditions and national characteristics. Greek Islands charter sails around the same four most picturesque bays of the east coast of the island of Rhodes. Calm sea, friendly captain, delicious food and pleasant pastime will make your yacht charter unforgettable. During a fascinating Greek Islands charter through the most beautiful bays of the island of Rhodes, in each of which will be a short stop, you will have the opportunity to right the ship with a dip in the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea.