The attractions during a Turkey boat charter around Marmaris area-3

The attractions during a Turkey boat charter around Marmaris area-3


Icmeler bay is a magnificent natural formation unlike the other places. Icmeler - it's surprisingly cozy place. The city's name comes from spring water which is beneficial to the digestive system. There are a lot of spring water sources that are being driven deep into the town. Icmeler is a great place for water sports right down to the sandy beaches of the green slopes of the mountains, and the blue sea under the blue sky. Especially suitable for families, the sea is always calm and smooth as a mirror, crystal clear, perfectly evident that the bottom of a few meters and busily scurrying back and forth colorful fish. On a daily trip by a Turkish boat, you will have the opportunity to visit this beautiful resort. Icmeler is a classical stop of yachts and Turkish boats.

You can visit the village of Icmeler - Koyici where always waiting for you to visit. Coming out of the village and continue on to the mountains, you can get to a big park. There you can admire the exotic plants and enjoy the fresh air. Icmeler offers a range of leisure activities. For example, those who are interested in sports will be happy riding a Turkish boat, water skiing, banana boat, Jet Ski, cycling, surfing, fishing, diving and rafting. You can also take a ride on the ranch, or try on a jeep safari. Fishing is a real fun when you are on board the Turkish boat.

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Tomb of Saria

Saria tomb in Marmaris recalls old days of the sixteenth century and the battles Turkish Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, the enemies from the island of Rhodes. As legend says, prophecy wise Saria helped Sultan wins.

Sultan Suleiman I, before heading to Rhodes with a military campaign against the Turkish boat, turned to Sariane order to learn the outcome of his upcoming battle for the island. When the Sultan received a favorable response, he ordered to besiege Rhodes. Saria tomb is located in the north-east of Marmaris, on the hill behind the town recently built a mosque. It was built in the Ottoman style, in memory of the famous fortune teller.