Featured Turkish gulets; Nurten A, Mare Nostrum and Kaptan Kadir

Featured Turkish gulets; Nurten A, Mare Nostrum and Kaptan Kadir

Turkish Gulets are elegant yachts that retain the classic design with modern equipment. From its predecessors - fishing boats - they have inherited a round back, a low profile in the water and a wide deck, where fishermen used piled their catch. For modern yachts this means up to 36 meters, a spacious saloon, large air-conditioned cabins with all the amenities, lots of space to relax on the deck and complete lack of pitching.

Another feature of the Turkish Gulet - they are a work of handmade wood master. The frame is made of wood yacht Aegean pine centenary chestnut or mahogany, the deck is covered with teak and the interior cabins used expensive varieties of Indonesian wood, oak, acacia. Over the production of one vessel shipyard employs about a year, and the cost of production in the millions Euro.

Yacht type "Gulet" - a floating hotel, which has everything you need for a comfortable stay. These boats are not designed for big hits in the open sea. They glide along the rocky coast, past the islands, resort towns and ruins of ancient settlements, which are abundant in the Aegean coast, to look into the turquoise bay, stopping for the night at the foot of the mountains to move in the way with the first rays of the sun.

There are 3 most popular Turkish Gulet. This is M/S Nurten A, M/S Mare Nostrum, M/S Kaptan Kadir. (M/S is the abbrevation for motor-sailing). On this luxury Turkish Gulet usually 6-3 double cabins, each with a toilet and shower. The spacious drawing-room is always possible to hide from the sun. There is a bar, an air conditioner, you can listen to music, watch TV, video, or work with a laptop.

Kaptan Kadir yacht

The front part of the deck of Turkish Gulet is designed for recreation. Lazy sunbathing on a lounger on a soft mattress or a cocktail from the bar, a convenient ladder to descend into the water or jump from logging and unleavened Deck shower after swimming. And you can sit at a small table on the couch and watch the bow cuts through the turquoise waves and wakes up the warm southern breezes. The rear part of the deck is equipped with Turkish Gulet for food and rest. There is a large table with a semicircular sofa and deck with teak furniture, it is possible to deploy a tent and sleep in the afternoon in the fresh air. Typically secured to the stern of the boat, there is a speed motor. You can get her on the water for fishing or to see what is behind the neighboring rocks. A trip to a nearby island, the beach or swim in a rocky grotto, you can boat-canoe. Management there is no difficulty. Swimming with flippers and a mask, you can see through 20 meter thickness of transparent water of various fish, cream shells, crabs and hermit crabs right under your feet.

On gulets M/S Nurten A, M/S Mare Nostrum, M/S Kaptan Kadir you will not have time to get bored -Turkish Gulet, due to its size, is completed by scooter, motor boat, water skiing, windsurfing equipment, fishing boats, canoes, inflatable "ring", flippers and masks and other sporting equipment.

Selecting trip you charter a Turkish Gulet boat with a crew of captain, cook and sailors. The route can specify and change the captain. Sailors serve as attendants at the highest level: the boat is always amazingly clean, white tablecloths and towels, crockery and cutlery sparkle. Any desire that your accommodation and comfort immediately executed. Often sailors belonging to the team are professional divers. One evening, they will arrange for you to night fishing, and on deck scales shine mullet and bream, sea bass and mackerel. At night, you can easily catch octopus, squid and crabs. A cook, a true professional culinary, cook the catch of delicious dishes for dinner by candlelight. The cook prepares excellent dishes of the European and Mediterranean cuisine. If you have any special requests regarding the menu, you can follow any responses to inform the cruise, it's sure to be taken into account. More details about the menu, offers sailing, see "Turkish cuisine". In addition to excellent recreational facilities, on a yacht, there are also created conditions for safe swimming. At eachTurkish Gulet has radio VHS, GPS, mobile communication, radar, depth sounder, flares, first aid kit, life jackets, extra sails, rope and rescue boat with a motor. Under the direction of the captain and crew, Turkish Gulet are ideal ways to see the sights the Riviera Turkey.