Diving on a Turkey Yacht Charter - 2

Diving on a Turkey Yacht Charter - 2

In Kemer, divers are offered to inspect the French warship "Atlantis" (sunk to a depth of about 30 m). In the underwater caves of the Three Islands, you will meet seals and flocks of tuna thru August and September. Crystal clear water is ideal for night photographing the marine life and flora. A meeting with the dolphins can be a real gift. Kekova is another great diving spot on a Turkey yacht charter on the southern coast of Turkey. You can visit the historical monuments of antiquity flooded and the underwater ruins of sunken cities Kekova, Simena and Aperlai.

Diving spots around Fethiye are also famous among the divers with variety of flora and fauna. Here attracts scuba divers the opportunity to dive during their Turkey yacht charter. Maximum depth is around 30 meters and takes approximately 45 min. This is available only for experienced divers. Dive sites in Ekincik Bay are ideal for beginners due to a shallow depth up to 10 meters. In Akkule Cave, they can find corals, sponges and countless fish of the Mediterranean. The cave is deep about 40 meters with a width of 10 meters. Barracuda Reef is the habitat of these toothy. Sariyarlar distinguish unprecedented wealth and the riot of colors of the seabed. Therefore, Sariyarlar is interesting for both experienced and inexperienced divers. It is home to seahorses.

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Marmaris is one of the most popular departure ports for Turkey yacht charters and it is distinguished by more than 50 diving centers, many ancient ruins, gently sloping beaches which are perfect for children and beginner divers. The main spots of diving are in the Outer Bay, Paradise Island, Kargili and Cape Kadirga. In the east of the Bodrum, Orak Island is located. Here, divers can see a variety of sponges and naturally self created hundred meter long wall. Be sure to try to take a Turkey yacht charter to visit to the nearby islands like Kargi. You will be amazed with the beauty of the ancient ruins and the diversity of life on the reef.

Izmir, as well, is a popular diving resort offering training opportunity to novice divers. Karaburun and Cesme are quite famous spots of the city. After the training dives, you will be offered a dive thru the depths of exotic Aegean Sea with its unique underwater world.

Diving in Turkey can be practiced in two ways. If you have an international certificate, you can request permission from the Embassy for various designated diving areas. Or, on your behalf, we can ask permission from the Underwater Federation. Or you can join to a program organized by diving centers. No permission will be required in that case. If you sign up for a day or more, you will be given a certificate. The Turkish Government cherishes the ancient natural heritage, and in case of a violation of some rules, you may be seriously fined. Going to Turkey yacht charter explore places that are most interesting to you, and match your skills diver, please consult us and we will offer you the best options.