Blue Cruise with a Pet

Blue Cruise with a Pet

Is yacht cruise a pet friendly holiday in Turkey?

If you want to book a yacht cruise to rest, but do not know where to leave your pet should be asking the question "Can I take it with you?" The answer depends on the rules of the agency and the owner of the yacht. If you go in private yacht cruise, you can discuss it in advance. But if you book a cabin charter, as a rule the answer is no. Today decided to bring pets to the boat, and if you still going on a yacht cruise with your pet, be sure to prepare everything necessary.

Documents vaccinations

Here are some tips for a yacht cruise with pets, you should take into consideration when sailing with the pet on board. Do not forget to bring the necessary documents for border crossing. In different countries there are different rules for yacht cruise with pets. Therefore, it is best to consult the relevant authorities prior to departure. Some pets need to implant the chip, because in many countries it is the presence of pets mandatory. Also, do not forget to vaccinate animals in time. Some states require that pets have spent some time in quarantine.

Practical Issues

There are some practical tips that should be considered before you take with pets on board a yacht cruise. If this is the blue cruise for your pets, they may be afraid. You have to find them a quiet place where they can hide and relax. In addition, be sure to remove anything that might harm your pet in case of panic. Do not forget to write on the identification label all the necessary information (your name, email address and phone number).

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You might be interested to know what to do when pets want to go to the toilet. A dog or cat on board a yacht cruise have little choice. You can not expect that the dog will endure as long as you do not find a marina. Good idea - take a piece of artificial grass, diapers or a special filler. It will remind your pet to the accustomed place and easier to clean. For a small dog will be practical and a toilet for cats. Do not forget to install a toilet below deck for stability. Another option, although more complex and requires more time, it is house trained pets go to the toilet only on the ground during stops, which is quite a lot during yacht cruise.

Sunscreen and a remedy for seasickness

Sun may be harful for pets, so be careful that they are in the shade and had plenty of water to drink. If possible, buy a protective cream for pets. Take anti-seasickness medication for your pet - some medicines for people and animals, but it is better to consult a veterinarian.

So, is it possible to bring the yacht pets? It's certainly possible, but you should notify in advance and is possible only when renting a private yacht cruise! Since cabins charter, your pet can be a nuisance to other holidaymakers. And just make sure that you have taken all that on board the pet feel comfortable and safe, and that you could relax and enjoy your yacht cruise.