Blue cruise to the Greek Islands, Nisyros - 2

Blue cruise to the Greek Islands, Nisyros - 2

Blue cruise to the island of Nisyros and step into the territory of an active volcano. Port village of Mandraki welcomes you with white houses, quaint narrow streets and sidewalks, the mosaics and the monastery at the top of a hill. Down at the Monastery of Mother of God, the town is located with steep stone steps. Nisyros sizes 41,6 kilometers square and its round shape (with a diameter of 8 kilometers) though that the island emerged from the sea, to give life to Greek legend and become the home of the fire -breathing volcano Nisyros.

During your Blue cruise, you can diversify extreme, the descent into the crater of a volcano -one of the last operating in the Mediterranean- leaves a lasting impression. The last eruption occurred in 1873 and left behind a few ash cones. You can visit and explore the quaint caldera volcanic landscape, sometimes tightened sharply smelling smoke and sulfur. Lava dome ProfitisIlias rises 698 meters above sea level.

Incidentally, according to which the island stands on the site of the battle of the gods Poseidon and Polibota, the value of the volcano does not prevent it to keep their great legends. Enraged Poseidon struck his trident on the island of Kos and broke a piece, which was subsequently picked up and tossed into force Polibota. The island reached the goal and pressed Polibota to the bottom right between Kos and Tilos. In the same legend, it is believed that Polibota is still alive.

Nisyros Blue Cruise

On your Blue cruise, you will have the opportunity to walk on the administrative center of the island; Mandraki. You should visit the Monastery of Lady of Spiliani that is located on the top of a steep mountain. More than 200 stone steps will lead you to the city with narrow streets and lined bizarre mosaic sidewalks.

About 8 km from Mandraki, the village of Emboros is located. Emboros means "Trade" in Greek. It should be noted that the villages with the same name are fairly common, and most often they are inside the island to be away from the dangers of piracy. Mountainous part of town is mainly abandoned by locals. They continue to delight the eyes with their picturesque scenes. Sit for a drink a cup of coffee in a coffee shop in Emborio. There is a splendid panoramic view of the volcano. Besides, explore the ruins of a Venetian fortress in Emborio, as well as the Monastery of Our Lady Kira built at an altitude of 450 meters. A unique attraction of this island is a cave, which is located at the entrance of the village. Because of its extremely high temperature, it is a natural sauna for the locals.

When compiling your Blue Cruise program to Nisyros, do not ignore Pali where is a small fishing village. Pali is located just 4 kilometers from the center. It attracts tourists with its amazing sandy beach. In the last years, Pali has turned into a very beautiful resort. This village has excellent tourist infrastructure. Here, you have unlimited opportunities for active water sports. In addition, there is a well equipped marina where you can dock during your Blue Cruise Nearby lies the Yaliskari beach.

Speaking about the rest of Blue Cruise, a complete relaxation contributes to unusually warm clear sea, beautiful beaches, amazing scenery and Mediterranean cuisine. In a relaxing Blue Cruise, you can be on time at the helm and adjusting sails, feel like two elements, obeying your will carry the yacht to the target. You can soak up the sun on the deck, swim in clear waters.