Blue Cruise to a Greek Island, Tilos

Blue Cruise to a Greek Island, Tilos

On your Turkey boat cruise, we advise you to share a day to an island of where dwarf elephants lived 7000 years ago. Tilos is fascinating for those are interested in exotic flora, because there are several types of protected areas connected by a network of ancient paths. Island is ideal for all who are tired of the bustle of big cities. You surely get charmed with the architecture of capital town "Mikro Horio" of Tilos with its blue and white narrow streets. After a walk you will be able to relax, swim, dive straight from the board Turkey boat and try the fish products on the azure shore of the Mediterranean in a small bay of the island.

Leaving Turkey boat for a stroll around the island, visit the Monastery of St. Pandeleimonas. Ancient monastery of St. Pandeleimonas is situated on a hillside between the old age cypresses and plane trees, with a splendid view. St. Pandeleimonas was the healer and the patron saint of the island. The picturesque capital of the island Mikro Horio retains the traditional architectural style of the Dodecanese. It-s really worth to stroll and capture the views of blue and white narrow streets running down to the foot of the hill. The main square is lined with sea pebbles where the superbly decorated Archangel Michael Church is located.

This island is very ancient, rich in history and so we suggest you to stop at this island on your Turkey boat trip that you can better feel the local atmosphere. Most of the tourists and even Greeks use Turkish boats to visit Dodecanese Islands, because they are familiar with these boats due to their close relations with Turks in the history and they are much lower priced to rent.

Tilos Blue Cruise

You may also visit the Museum of Paleontology. The findings from Harkadogorge are exhibited in the museum. This was the place where scientists have found numerous remains of dwarf elephants that once lived on the island. There are many legends told by the locals how elephants got on Tilos and why eventually disappeared. Magnificent views of the neighboring island of Nisyros volcano can be clearly seen; the caldera and two white washed villages on its crest. There is one interesting fact on Tilos that there is only 1 taxi on the island, one policeman, and one petrol station for all 500 locals!

On Tilos, you can taste amazing sea food! Pebble beach is 2 km long and all the bays where you will sail on your Turkey boat are at your disposal!