Blue Cruise to a Greek Island, Mykonos - 2

Blue Cruise to a Greek Island, Mykonos - 2

Turkey private yacht charter to Mykonos - 2

In addition publicized on millions of postcards mills, Mykonos is somewhere to see by the lovers of history because of its archaeological, ethnographic and maritime museums. Besides, there are about 365 churches and chapels on the island, which one of them is the oldest Greek monastery built in 1580. It is the monastery of Panagia Tourliani located in the village of Ano Mayor. Those who wish to join the ancient period of history should definitely go to the neighboring island of Delos. In the Greco-Roman period, it was the largest commercial city, and now there is Europe's largest open-air museum. Up to this day preserved ancient harbor, theater, and the main square, you can see the shops and houses of the nobility with pools and mosaic floors. And, of course, the temple of Dionysus which filled with images of huge phalluses.

And after the tour, it is the time to relax on the beach. The entire coastline is indented with bays of Mykonos. They are located at different angles to the currents and winds, so if one of more than twenty sandy beaches you cannot swim because of the storm, you can always move to a nearby, where there are no waves. In the season between the bays ply small boats, Turkey private yacht charter captains who know the weather in all the coasts and always advise you where to go.

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Settled in the capital of the island Chora, you will be in the maelstrom of island life. It can be reached in 10-15 minutes by taxi. Do not think that the rest of Mykonos is available only to the elect. The island is famous for its cosmopolitan and open-minded. Mykonos wants to make the people happy from any nationality, race, sexual orientation, any wealth and social position. It reconciles all light-hearted and slightly frivolous atmospheres of general holiday, relaxation and fun.

Turkey private yacht charter in Mykonos comes to an end. And if you want to see with your own eyes, you can book a Turkey private yacht charter and visit Mykonos. It is a Greek gem in the Aegean Sea. With the help of BODTUR YACHTING, you can find a suitable option and book your desired Turkey private yacht charter in Mykonos, as well as in other parts of Greece and Turkey.