Blue Cruise around Oludeniz and Gemiler Island

Blue Cruise around Oludeniz and Gemiler Island


Oludeniz is considered as one of the most beautiful corners in the world; a blue paradise, a blue lagoon and probably the most beautiful beach in Turkey. Oludeniz is not inferior to the best resorts in Europe exquisite beauty.

The settlement Oludeniz (Oludeniz), nestle in a beautiful bay, consists solely of hotels. A ban on the construction of high-rise buildings, the town retains its charm. We swim to the shore by boat on our blue cruise; you will only see a string of drowning in flowers and greenery, single-story bars and restaurants. Panorama of the beach, leaving a scythe into the sea between the blue of the spacious bay of the Blue Lagoon, is breathtaking.

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Koycegiz is a real water paradise. You only need to go into any point for a couple of meters from the shore and immediately reach fountains with clear water. Perhaps that is why land in Koycegiz was extremely fertile and suitable for use in agriculture. Plants get the moisture right out of the soil and do not fade even in the hottest summer days. Valley surrounded by mountains covered with amber and pine trees.

The beach is surrounded by high hills covered with thickets of pine forests. Transparency of the bay, an unusually high-pitched blue color which is created by the reflection of sunlight from the rich Cretaceous sediments of the bottom, attracts lovers of swimming and diving. On the beach offers all kinds of water sports including pedal boats, rowboats, parasailing, etc. Adventurers are to try a flight with paraglide. Tired of the scorching rays of the sun, choose a place on the top terrace bar with panoramic views of the sea. Turquoise expanse of the bay leaves lasting mark in your memory. Neither blue cruise goes by without a visit Oludeniz. Oludeniz beach area adjacent to the Blue Lagoon is protected. Not far from Oludeniz is also a place of tourist pilgrimage - the Valley of the Butterflies. The beach is extremely beautiful, green valley is surrounded by steep cliffs, so access is possible here only from the sea and the blue cruise can be ideal for this proposal. All summer wooden Turkish gulets bring here the masses of tourists with blue cruise, who wish to get acquainted with the unique natural masterpiece and see rare butterflies.

Seeing Oludeniz day, you risk not find it after the sun goes down. The entire front of the beach promenade as if transformed into a giant disco. A motley crowd of Turkish and European young people everywhere sounding music hits and wandering through the sky lasers - a picture of a night Oludeniz, where the fun dies down to only three in the morning. Once visiting Oludeniz, you risk falling in love with this beautiful place for life.

Gemiler Island (St. Nicholas Island)

Rich in ruins more than a fertile ground Gemiler island located in the east of the Gulf of Fethiye, Oludeniz behind. The fact that the Church has given the name of St. Nicholas peak of the island is mentioned in the guidebooks sea since the middle Ages. Since the initiation of the island receives the name of the island of St. Nicholas (Aya Nikola).

The island is shaped like a silhouette of a dinosaur about the size of 1000x400 meters. The steep southern slopes are a natural defense while the northern slope falls to the sea with a gentle slope. On the northern slope there are ruins of the city walls extending from east to west along the island. Earthquake led to the flooding of the island and now the pier and warehouses are located below sea level. You will enjoy this place on your Blue Cruise.

On the island, there are the ruins of the medieval city. The most significant of them - with four large churches and a vaulted gallery connecting the church on top of the other church- is located in the eastern part of the island. In addition to the facilities, we can also identify the monumental tombs, cisterns and granaries. Most of the buildings date back to the 5th and 6th centuries AC.

The breath of history is felt in every inch of this cozy island. Nowhere else in the Mediterranean embraces as luxurious and loving as this land. It seems as if the land covered by a thirst for trying to enter itself into the water. People could not remain indifferent to such a harmonious union of sea and land decorating the island of houses, churches. You must visit this island during your Blue Cruise.