Turkey Blue Cruise (Datca) - 1

Turkey Blue Cruise (Datca) - 1

The attractions during your Turkey cruise around Datca area

Turkish Gulet cruise gives everyone the opportunity to go beyond and see everything in a new light. After all, many of us live in large cities, where the bright street lights outshines the night sky. During a gulet cruise, you will be amazed with the brightness of stars and be able to distinguish each constellation. Going on a gulet yacht cruise would all like to know in advance what and where to look to find the most interesting routes. Datca is one of them. Datca Town located on the southern part of Datca Peninsula is 75 km from Marmaris one of the famous cities to build Turkish Gulet. In the history of gulet yachts and Blue Cruise, Marmaris has a remarkable feature. It consists in the fact that farmers and small businessmen managed to build in the same Marmaris Turkish Gulet in Bodrum but with extremely limited resources.


Datca is somewhat different from the usual bustling resorts of Turkey. That's different, unique in its beauty spot, with the sparkling bays and nature, untouched by human hand. A night starry sky here is so fantastic, that you can spend hours looking at it and considered meteorites, only managing to think more and new wishes...

Datca Area

Resort of Datca, before becoming one of the favorite destinations of tourists, was originally a small fishing village. Staying here is always appreciated, not only because of the crystal clear water. Uniqueness of this place is the air. The humidity in the area tends to zero. Doctors recommend people suffering from respiratory and heart problems to spend their holiday in Datca. Another Greek geographer and historian Strabo in his works, said: "Whom loved by the Gods, they are sent in Datca for a long life." If you choose to spend your holiday on a Turkish Gulet, then you can easily make your trip to Datca. Resting in Datca - visit the ancient town of Knidos (38 km from the sensor). Historian and geographer Strabo of Knidos said: "The town is built in honor of the beautiful Goddess Aphrodite, on the most beautiful part of peninsula."

In 4th BC, Knidos was a famous center of art and culture. Knidos has two harbors; one on the Aegean, and the other one on the Mediterranean. The ruins of the temple of the Goddess of Love rise above the two harbors. It kept alley in heart-shaped, framed arcade columns of white marble. Graced this temple legendary statue of Aphrodite - one of the most beautiful creations of antiquity. If you want to spend a holiday away from mass tourism - Experience Palamutbuku - 24 kms west of Datca. This place is known mostly by locals and very peaceful. Thru the west, there lies a small harbor for fishermen. Seashore narrows east and proceeds from the gravel to the sandy beach, where there is a hotel now. Here, at the eastern end of the bay, you can relax directly on the sea or in a bar. Around the peninsula, there are 52 beautiful bays located. Datca is famous for its honey, almonds, organic vegetables, and of course fish products. There is also a beautiful underwater world that is very attractive to divers.


Everything may look pretty romantic. During the week on the local wooden sailboats (Turkish Gulet), the visitors can make long walks along the coast, stop by the famous historical places where a large number of Roman, Greek, Lycian, Byzantine ruins are located. One of these places is the Greek Tekir; the temple of Dionysus, an amphitheater and plaza. The ruins give an idea of the power of past civilizations. Visit the city of Eski, located near Datca, which is famous for its wonderful ancient ruins. All peninsula impresses with its greenery, there is growing pine, eucalyptus, lemon, orange and olive trees, figs, vines and many fruit trees. Neighboring Datca is the Kizlan village where you can see the windmills. You can enjoy life on the beach, the air is due coniferous forests on the planet is the third place in terms of the concentration of oxygen in it, and the local fish restaurants are not inferior to Italian. Grand opening of the wine lovers is waiting here. You should definitely try Sarafin Fume Blanc, the taste will change your idea about Turkish wines.Coastline of Datca is probably the most beautiful part that you can visit thru the Turkish Mediterranean coast.

Sailing along the coastline on a Turkish Gulet, you can never forget. In Datca, there are also a very large number of sailing clubs. Here is a place that defines certain features and style of the rest and far from mass tourism. Hence, for example, originate "Blue Cruise", so called because of the turquoise color of the local waters.