What are the attractions during a Turkey gullet charter around Bozburun?

What are the attractions during a Turkey gullet charter around Bozburun?

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During a Turkey gullet charter, you will visit the historical places that are the heritage of ancient civilizations. All of the gullet charters include visits to the historical and ancient sites, archeological ruins and cultural highlights. Bozburun and Hisaronu are rich areas that you can find this opportunity while you are on a Turkey gullet charter. Town of Bozburun is located on the south-west of Marmaris at the edge of the peninsula named as its town. It is located 45 kms far from the center of Marmaris. Bozburun is one of the main stops of the gullets for overnight and shopping during the Blue Cruises. Life is so calm and quiet in Bozburun.

turkey gullet charterBozburun is better known among sailors, because this town was mainly reachable by the sea just up to ten years ago. The roads were so in order, therefore it was very popular to stop by Bozburun on the route of gullet charters departing from Marmaris. Bozburun is still very popular as being one of the most pristine corners of the area, closed to the picturesque islands. This is the perfect place for those wishing to spend a holiday in a relaxed atmosphere. The town has a post office and a few small hotels, guest houses and restaurants. There are no large hotels, but small boutique style charming and luxurious hotels are available. Bozburun is famous with gullet building and its local boatyard. Almost all the gullets of Datca and Marmaris are built in Bozburun. Masters, who build these wooden boats all over Turkey, started their careers by learning gullet building from their families in this shipyard. Every year, in late October, Bozburun hosts an international festival and competition in honor of the old gullet ship masters.

In the vicinity are many quiet coves and islands with romantic ruins, reachable by boat. And the demand for gullet charter in this neighborhood is in high demand. Nearby, on the Asar Hill, there are the ruins of various buildings. Reaching to the top of the hill takes about 45 minutes. At the top of the hill, there are scattered small fragments of walls and tombs with beautiful views of the Bozburun and surroundings.

Also many remains of the ancient city Loryma lie throughout the region. Here, you can find the ruins of a long narrow tower which both sides are rounded with tanks. The upper wall of the tower is nearly 9 square towers. City walls and traces of graves are all over the region. On the coast, there is the natural port of Loryma bay which is today called as Bozukkale (Ruined castle). Once you will be moored in Bozukkale, getting to the hill takes about 45 minutes. But it is really worth to hike with the beautiful views of the area and charter gullets sailing. In your Turkey gullet charter, it is highly suggested not to miss visiting Bozburun and Bozukkale.