Blue Cruise areas (Dalyan)

Blue Cruise areas (Dalyan)

On a Turkey yacht charter out of Marmaris thru Fethiye; your first stop will be Ekincik for Dalyan and Koycegiz. On Turkey private yacht charters, Ekincik can be visited in the first day of the Turkey yacht charter. On yacht cabin charters, it is scheduled in the second day of the Turkey yacht charters as first night of cabin charters are spent on board in the yacht port.

People began to settle in this unique beautiful area tens of thousands years ago. One of the earliest settlement which was discovered in the vicinity of the city dates back to 3400 BC. In this area many civilizations lived according to the left marks; Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Dorians, Romans, Ottomans. Lately, Koycegiz was developed well during the Ottoman Empire.

Koycegiz is a real water paradise. You only need to go into any point for a couple of meters from the shore and immediately reach fountains with clear water. Perhaps that is why land in Koycegiz was extremely fertile and suitable for use in agriculture. Plants get the moisture right out of the soil and do not fade even in the hottest summer days. Valley surrounded by mountains covered with amber and pine trees.

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The picturesque lake named as the town is well-known with natural hot springs and mud baths. The lake narrows into a channel that goes to the river Dalyan which in turn flows into the Mediterranean Sea. It is believed that the sandy beach in the area is one of the most beautiful in Turkey. It runs for five and a half miles and reaches a width from fifty to two hundred meters. There are changing rooms and showers.

This is a must to take excursion during Turkey yacht charters. You can rent a fisherman boat and visit the prison island. Previously, a prison fortress was located here, and currently only ruins. Oppositely, there is another island that is named more nicely- Island of Love. According to the legend, once a couple of lovers escaped from parental anger and got hide on this island. While proceeding with the boat, the reeds will guide you not to confuse the sea to the lake. Where the reeds end the sea starts. The area of the lake and the channel of Dalyan are about 6300 hectares. At the end of the channel, there is a small lagoon filled with a mixture of salt and fresh water. Here is famous Iztuzu beach where Caretta Caretta turtles lay their eggs. Centuries ago the valley was covered with mud and separated the lake from the sea, but still they are associated. Delta lake sediments formed Yuvarlak and Nam Nam rivers. Walking around the lake with a camera gives you a lot of pleasant experiences and great staff. In a calm surface of the water carries rocks and woods, and that is a rare combination of amber and pine trees. While walking, you can also go yachting, sailing and surfing. Even if you are not interested in these types of holiday, you can take a small yacht trip to shore for an evening walk. You can be sure to get great pleasure from the beautiful sky and fishing lovers urged to grab gear and fishing rods. The lake is very giving for the fishermen, and hence hard to leave without a catch. Near the lake there is a thermal spring. Temperature of the water in it is about 40 degrees C. This is one of the most famous spa resorts in the area. Here, there is a pond with mud if you want to rinse off after 45 minutes in the pool with thermal water.

On a Turkey yacht charter on Marmaris-Fethiye-Marmaris blue cruise itinerary , do not miss to visit Dalyan and Koycegiz.