Blue Cruise areas (Tersane Island)

Blue Cruise areas (Tersane Island)

Tersane Island is the largest island of the Fethiye Bay. In the days of the Ottoman Empire, the Greeks lived there. But after their deportation to the island, there were only a few old houses and a church left that you can still see the ruins. Previously, the small cove of the island used to build gulet yachts. For this reason, the island is named as "Tersane"- which means boat yard-. The cove is the main stop of Blue Cruise yachts. It is a shallow cove that can seem like a lake on the island. In the north-west of the island, there is Tasyaka bay where the artist Bedri Rahmi painted a fish picture on one of the rocks.

Domuz Island is also called as Prince Island. In the island, there used to be large number of wild boars. Because the mooring of the island is protected from winds, it is an ideal place for the gulet yacht to anchor and overnight. In the north of the island, there is a creek. It has a very narrow entrance and a long corridor, surrounded by olive and pine trees. Here at the most extreme end of the bay, you can see the ancient ruins and rock tombs. Unfortunately, it is so narrow that the gulet yachts do not prefer to drop anchor here.

Batik Hamam (Hamam Bay) is the classical stop of all gulet yachts and daily trip boats. On the Blue Cruises, they come here for swimming and lunch, and sometimes even stop for the night. Right next to the marina, there are wall fragments of a Byzantine monastery. On the island you can take a pleasant stroll through the woods or along the shore. A nice excursion will be climbing to Mountain Yavansu where you can see the ruins of the ancient city of Lydia. According to the legend, in Batik Hamam Cleopatra can walk up to the waist in the water on muddy rocks.


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The Cleopatra Baths are surrounded by a pine forest shading on beautiful dark-blue water, sometimes turning into light blue. The bay is quite large, and it is named so because of Roman baths, bestowed by Queen Cleopatra of her close friends. They found the underwater hot spring in this part of the Gulf. The water is very healthy for the skin, contains many beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Perhaps this amazing beach was used to offer an ally and lover Antony Cleopatra did, giving the rich area of Crete and Cilicia.

A trip along the 12 Islands will be extremely romantic and informative. Islands and tiny islets, small bays and green banks, healing air and Turkish music accompanying you on this trip creates a sense of fairy tales and will long remain in your memory of Turkish Blue Cruise.