A brief gulet cruise itinerary

A brief gulet cruise itinerary

We leave for the Bodrum cruise towards South East. After 9 miles, you will come across the island of Orak and the location of Cokertme. Then, the gulet cruises to the small village of Oren with the ruins of ancient Ceramus. Akbuk is one of the best anchors. The beach of Cleopatra (Sedir Island), considered one of the 20 most beautiful beaches in the world, is a must. Legend it that Antonio brought the white sands from the Sahara especially for his beloved Cleopatra. The precious sand of this beach is unique and swimmers are required to shower before leaving the beach not to carry even a grain.

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Your gulet will cruise to Tuzla (Ballisu Bay) along a small bay with crystal waters and Seven Islands, a small archipelago of seven islands and islets. You will come across the bay of Gokceler, a stretch full of rocks and shoals. Later, we arrive at the western end of the Deveboynu peninsula (Cape Krio); a particularly critical point for the winds that often generates extremely rough seas. The first anchors that are encountered are all very beautiful places; Palamut Bay, Baba Island and Kargi Bay.

A few miles away, there is the Greek island of Symi. The first port that is encountered in the Gulf of Yesilova is a small fishing town of Bozburun. Before going up the coast to get to Marmaris, the gulet stops by Bozukkale (ancient Loryma). You approach slowly in Marmaris plunging into turquoise waters in the bays of Gebe Kilise, Kadirga and Turunc. Then, you arrive in Marmaris, situated along a picturesque bay, preserved by mountains, entirely covered with pine trees, which last up to beautiful sandy beaches. Today, Marmaris is known primarily for its artistic and cultural center, and the two ports preserve the ruins of an original circular temple dedicated to the Goddess of Love. Not far from Marmaris, your gulet should moor in Ekincik where you can visit the ancient necropolis of Caunos about 5 miles inland by a river boat.

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Then, your boat will reach on to the island of Baba before entering the Gulf of Fethiye where on the western flank opens the Skopea Bay and 12 islets with the village of Gocek. You can share a week to cruise the Gulf of Fethiye. The anchorages are the most exciting ones of the peninsula; Kapi Creek on the southern part of the bay surrounded by a forest. Then sail to Fethiye, the ancient Telmessos that was the most important Lycian city along the coast. It is said that its name derives from the son of Apollo, Telmesso. Among one of the most famous tourist destinations in Turkey, Fethiye stretches along a semicircular bay protected by twelve islands and offers natural beauty and historic sites are unique in the world. After Kalkan, your gulet can cruise to a small beautiful bay of Kaputas with the Blue Grotto. Next stop is Kas; a few miles away from the Greek island of Castellorizo (Meis in Turkish) famous for the movie of "Il Mediterraneo".

After you can visit the sunken city of Simena, with an ancient theater, tombs and ancient churches of the Byzantine period that can be seen through the clear water. The name "Kekova" means "plain of thyme" in Turkish and describes the region encompassing the island of Kekova, the villages of Kalekoy and Ucagiz and the three ancient towns of Simena, Teimussa (today named as Ucagiz) and Tersane. Route the boat to the port of Genoa, completely deserted and magnificent bay dominated by an impressive sea cliff. Then, stop in Tekirova Bay where the town of Phaselis is located. En route, you gulet will cruise thru the Bay of Alacasu. After Phaselis, the coast until Antalya Kemer is flat and without anchors relief. Antalya is worth to visit for the charm of the old citadel, its winding streets and wonderful examples of Ottoman style buildings.