Blue Cruise areas (Bodrum) - 1

Blue Cruise areas (Bodrum) - 1

What are the attractions during your Turkey cruise around Bodrum area?

The only description of the impression you get from seeing the panorama of the sea is the tones of green and blue. The sun comes down on the edge of the mountains and slowly disappears into the sea in gold. It's a priceless painting and its unique freshness and novelty are memorable for the whole life. You will find these on a Blue Cruise in Bodrum.

Bodrum is one of the most popular vacation resorts and starting point of many Blue Cruise routes. Blue, warm sea, many beaches in the bays decorated with rock formations offer an excellent stay for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Crystal clear water, beautiful beaches and secluded coves are for the ones who are thirsty for sun, want swimming, go fishing or snorkeling. The name of this adventure is Blue Cruise.

Bodrum is not only famous with its sea and beaches , it has also a rich history. The Blue Cruise will introduce you the Castle of St. Peter, which is one of the main historical attractions of Bodrum. The castle was built in the 15th century of green granite, which was taken from the ruins of another building. The castle of the Knights had around 150 private soldiers. They were responsible for the defense of the castle from the Turks who did not dare to attack the massive structure. However, in 1522 under Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, they captured the island of Rhodes. Later castle changed many owners with the upcoming historical events.

Blue Cruise

You can also visit the Amphitheatre, lying on a hillside. It was built in the 4th century BC by Mausolus and holds about 13,000 spectators. In 1973, it was turned into an open air museum.

The unusual design of the Mausoleum, which became the fifth wonder of the world, was decorated with friezes and reliefs with images of mythical characters, and marble figures were embodied the best ancient traditions. When Mausolus died in 353 BC, the Mausoleum was not over. His wife Artemisia continued to build structure, but she died shortly before reaching the end. And the architects who participated in its construction finished the construction of the Mausoleum.

The tomb of Mausolus survived the siege and captures of the city by Alexander the Great in 334 BC. It came out unscathed after many wars. However, after an earthquake in the 12th century, the major part of the building which it was dismantled to the ground was destroyed. In 1857, the British archeologists recovered the remains from the wreckage. These findings are now stored in the British Museum in London.

Blue Cruise is a real vacation by sailing along the beautiful coast of Turkey and exploring the many bays where you get away from the daily routine and worries. Blue Cruise is a unique adventure that you will never forget.