Places to see on a Turkey yacht charter - Cleopatra's Island

Places to see on a Turkey yacht charter - Cleopatra's Island

During Turkey yacht charters programs, you will have many opportunities to stop by ancient and archeological spots. The classical and probably the most popular one is Bodrum-Gokova-Bodrum yacht charter.

Cleopatra's Island

Voyage to the ancient legends that fanned the island begins with a Turkey yacht charter. During a Turkey yacht charter, you can see the beautiful islands and bays. The islands are untouched by civilization. One of them is Sedir Island where there are ruins near the beach and known as island of famous lovers Cleopatra and Antonius.

Sedir Island is a legendary island in the Aegean Sea and is like a piece of paradise, surrounded by turquoise waters. More popular as Cleopatra's Island - is a historic site located in the Gulf of Gokova Aegean Sea and approximately eighteen kilometers north of the town of Marmaris. The legend says that about two thousand years ago, Antonius gave this island to his lover and future queen Cleopatra as a present. She was quite moody and did not like the sand on the beach of this island. Then the then Emperor Antonius ordered to carry sand from North Africa. Actually, the sand on the island is very unique and there is not any similar sand in the environs. The similar type of sand is found mostly in Egypt. According to the legend, Antonius and Cleopatra spent their holidays in this island, full of passion and love. Later, the beach on the island is also named in honor of the queen. This sandy beach has a width of five meters and a length of fifty meters.

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Sand is unusual with its structure. The size of a grain of sand has Pollock roe, but they have snow white color and look like small pearls. This sand is highly valued, so people cannot go to the beach in the shoes, and the output is always need to wash off. After swimming, you can visit the local attractions - Temple of Apollo and the ancient amphitheater, the ruins of which are reminiscent of ancient times. Touring to these sites will only take 30 minutes. The atmosphere of the time in the air, and it seems that it is possible on the steps of the amphitheater to see the famous lovers.

For those, who are on a Turkey yacht charter out of Marmaris, seeing this island is also possible. You can take a dolmush to Karacasogut and reach to the Cleaoptra-s Island by a fisherman boat that departs every 30-60 minutes in the season.