Traditional Bodrum Gulets

Traditional Bodrum Gulets

Bodrum Gulets

Bodrum is one of the major port cities in the south-western region of Turkey. Located on the southern coast where is known as the Bodrum Peninsula. Bodrum has a population around 100,000. With an average summer climate of temperatures ranging from 59 F to 93 F, Bodrum is a very popular destination for locals and tourists like. By being such a moderate and accessible port town, Bodrum economy runs mainly on its gulet industry. A gulet is a special type of yacht meant for luxurious purposes. The Bodrum Gulet is locally made, thus ensuring that all yachts are made to the utmost quality.

a Bodrum gulet

Types of Bodrum Gulets:

Gulet yachts come in many different shapes and sizes. On average a Bodrum Gulet will be in the size range of 20 - 30 meters with 4 - 8 double cabins located on board. This is a spacious size that ensures that all members of the crew have enough privacy. Bodrum is a big enough port town that it can sustain a large number of yachts. This means there is a wide range of styles of Gulet yachts to choose from. The larger yachts will be booked for larger Turkey charters - a great way to see the coast in a very touristy way - while smaller yachts will be available for private booking. It is important, when looking at the different types of Bodrum Gulets for a Turkey yacht charter; to know what kind size, budget, and privacy needed.


Blue Cruise in Bodrum:

The leading yacht charter company out of the city of Bodrum is BODTUR. For years BODTUR has been the leader in providing the best yachting experience. Why? Because BODTUR has enough range and variety of Bodrum Gulets that just about anyone can find the most affordable, as well as comfortable, experience. Types of Blue Cruise Gulet charters are:

- Private Yacht Charters
- Cabin Charters
- Sailing Yacht Rentals

Bodrum gulets

A private yacht charter is a great way to spend a summer because there will be no constraints on the itinerary of the trip. Want to travel to the Greek Islands for a few days? Or, perhaps, want to hike the coast of a particular region for a week or so? Either way, spending the extra money on a private charter will ensure the most flexibility. A cabin charter, on the other hand, is a good experience for the exact opposite reasons. Instead of worrying about weather charts, where to go to next, food and drink, sit back, relax and enjoy the already planned out itinerary.

Activities on a Bodrum Yacht

The best part about being on a Bodrum Gulet is the variety of activities. Not only there is an opportunity to go diving and snorkelling, there is also the option to learn how to run a Gulet. The crew will always be open to teach any of its guests how to ties ropes, unravel sails, or, even, steer the boat. It is great opportunity to not only see the unbelievable coastlines of Turkey but also to learn a few things along the way. Activities include snorkelling, water sports, hiking, fishing, swimming. The beauty of leaving on a Bodrum Gulet is that either way the yacht travels on either coast will result in both breathtaking scenery and wonderful cultural experiences. Many of the shores that surround Bodrum are full of cultural remnants such as the remains of amphitheatres, markets, churches and tombs. There is also a great number of shopping options along the coast with many of the small Mediterranean towns full of small markets and shops.