Yoga on yacht cruises in Turkey

Yoga on yacht cruises in Turkey

We invite you to a Turkish yacht cruise in Turkey where the pine forests declined from the slopes of the mountains right in the azure waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. A Turkish yacht cruise is a perfect opportunity to take a break from everyday routine.

You can go on a Turkish yacht cruise on a private gullet and feel the indescribable flavor of romance of distant sailing. Cruising by a Turkish yacht cruise is something unforgettable. Yoga and yacht cruise in Turkey is a complete relaxation of body and soul from all earthly cares. We have exclusive offers for Turkish yacht cruise with yoga classes on board. Throughout the trip, you will be on board with a personal yoga instructor. Each participant is appointed with yoga instructor for individual lessons after the interview. During Turkish yacht cruise , after two or three hours of cruising under sail, the gullet gets in an enclosed bay where there will be yoga classes. These can either on board or on the shore.

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Turkish yacht cruise is a perfect opportunity for meditation and yoga. People who are claiming the yoga classes with sailing on holiday can open up entirely new possibilities for concentration and relaxation which cannot be achieved in other conditions. This is due to the progress of the yacht, so that there is no noise or sounds, only rhythms and nature around, the oscillation of the sea. Your own voice travels in contact with water and air. As known, on the water, our body with more saturated fresh air and oxygen. Therefore, Turkish yacht cruises offered with yoga classes are based on a system of physical exercises and yoga, which provides knowledge of your spirit, meditation, and relaxation. With the help of yoga, the body gets cleaned of toxins, regulates the function of internal organs by improving blood circulation. This is serious work, the effectiveness of which is influenced by many factors, and nutrition is one of the most powerful. Therefore, the yoga program is offered with a special meal, a diet that includes as many fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc. on the gullet’s menu.

Regarding the request of the participants, Turkish yacht cruises are conducted with individual consultations on the most suitable for each Guest’s requirements for yoga classes are personalized recommendations on physical improvement and achieve inner harmony. Our team will help you to relax body and soul with Yoga on Turkish yacht cruises, and will provide a boost of energy to conquer new heights and goals.