Turkish Yacht Cruise Holidays

Turkish Yacht Cruise Holidays

There are many reasons for choosing a Turkish yacht cruise holiday. A perfect combination of wind and waves, calm sailings, sense of freedom, an intimate communion with nature. Ideal climate, crystal waters and pristine bays, coves and beaches in conjunction with the local attractions, culture and warm hospitality.

In the Mediterranean, a special Turkish yacht cruise is a heavenly journey on a Gulet yacht and called as Blue Cruise. On a Blue Cruise, you will not only have a splendid yacht cruise holiday, but also taste the delicious Turkish foods and meet the culture inextricably linked with the lifestyle of the people. Turkish cuisine necessarily reflects the traditions and the customs of the people. Their culinary habits are developed and modified with the development of society. Therefore it is not surprising that the modern Turkish cuisine which absorbed and retained the best for the long centuries of the different civilizations today can surprise even the most pampered palate. The chefs on a Turkish yacht cruise will offer you a number of local foods. The Turkish national cuisine is the diversity and originality of the menu. With the abundance of dishes, variations of recipes that reflect regional characteristics and their original taste, the Turkish cuisine is the third among all other the national cuisines of the world, according to experts.

Most of the Turkish specialities are useful and well-balanced combination of ingredients. Dolma and Sarma (the stuffed vegetables), lentil soup, meat with vegetables, rice or wheat (bulgur), and finally yoghurt served with almost all of these dishes - the menu is likely to appeal to everyone. Olive oil in Turkish cuisine is even served with rice or wheat. TheTurkish yacht cruise crew will tell you about all the details of Turkish cuisine.

Turkish yacht cruise

Turks do not eat alone and not snack on the go. Each dinner in Turkey can show to the tourists this oriental feast and it does not matter exactly where you dine - in an expensive restaurant or a small local cafe -, the delicious dishes are prepared by skill and love, as in the Eastern tale, surprising the variety and tempting aroma.

You can tell long stories about the wonderful national cuisine of Turkey and describe the unusual taste of Turkish dishes and recipes. Enjoy authentic Turkish cuisine during your Turkish yacht cruise holiday. Take care; you may put a lot of kilos at the end. The culinary experiences from the generous and tasty treats you enough time.

Join us on your Turkish yacht cruise holiday and discover the sea of new emotions, the wonderful Turkish food and culture.