Tips for Cabin Charters-3

Tips for Cabin Charters-3

Tips for Cabin Charters-3

The air conditioning is created by a generator or directly by an electric current in the major ports. There are no batteries / accumulators that work if the generator is switched off. So, the noise generator "overnight" could disturb some caiques anchored nearby. So, it is advisable to use the air conditioning 2-3 hours in the morning and in the evening between 20:00 and midnight or so.

The boat is all sail and motor moving but usually without the use of the sail.For some gulets is required to navigate using the sail at least once or twice a week.

Each cabin is equipped with life jackets.

The hot water is emitted or engine or by an electric heater. - It is recommended to bring big luggages and stiff.

Do not throw paper in the toilet but only into the trash. Otherwise, the pipes are tight and filters can be clogged causing unpleasant odors

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No cabin must be locked as a precaution fire and for cleaning baskets. Any valuables can be handed to the captain who will issue a receipt.

You can not wear any kind of shoes on board (or one is barefoot or wearing shoes special boating). Are to avoid the long dresses to prevent personal accidents (tripping.)

The lights of the car must remain switched off when not in use to save energy.

For items lost or stolen or flown to the wind the crew does not take no responsibility.

- It 'strictly forbidden to smoke in the cabin. Why is it dangerous (fire regulations).However, it is possible to smoke on the deck. Remember that the boats are made of wood.

It is necessary to help the crew to maneuver or for cleaning.- And 'possible to sunbathe even in the most convenient way (topless.)

E 'recommended to swim in' visual area of the boat or to inform someone if you removed so that in case of need to know where to reach you.

In all cabin charter cruises, it is forbidden to jump off the boat or swim around the boat until the boat's engine is turned off.