Tips for Cabin Charters-2

Tips for Cabin Charters-2

Tips for Cabin Charters-2

The yachts have the facilities for some sets of fishing and snorkeling equipment. Guests, if they wish, may bring their own fishing rod, flippers and mask & snorkels.

Not all gulets are equipped with canoes, windsurfing boards or other accessories for water sports. Some yachts have optional (to be paid apart from fuel) water-skiing, banana, etc.

The yachts have a tender boat for service. The tender may only be used by the crew for the transport of goods and guests. Guests can request the use of the tender for their personal use always if guided by the crew.

Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) are served always on board.

Usually in the yachts, you cannot find the coffee machine for espresso or cappuccino. Customers can carry on with the mocha coffee for personal use.

Cabin charter tips

Excursions on earth are 1 or 2 times a week depending on the cabin charter route chosen which will be proposed by the Captain.

According to the desire of the customer, you can stay in the bays at anchor or in port from where you can easily reach the tourist sites. The crew can help the customer to find a taxi or dolmus (public transport) to reach the resorts (city / village) for the evening entertainment.

Some boats have cabins for the crew. In this case, is given in the area below the bow "A cabin equipped with beds and a bathroom scale with the toilet" for use by the crew.

Most caiques are not equipped for diving equipment ... for those who wish to do this attraction, you may want to take part in a day trip in the first or last day of the week.

Not all gulets have the generator (except the little boats with air conditioning). In this case the electric current in caicco is more faint. To keep cold food and drinks are used refrigerators with dry ice. And 'possible to charge your cell phone while browsing or ports. The sockets are normal European gulet with two holes.