Hunting during a Turkey Yacht Charter

Hunting during a Turkey Yacht Charter

If you are a hunter and thinking how to spend your holiday with family, but also enjoy this hobby, then Turkey is definitely waiting for you. Why not exploring the unforgettable beauty of the region in the open air on a Turkey yacht charter? At time when your family is resting, swimming in the crystal clear waters, you can go on hunting. You can combine a quiet relaxing Turkey yacht charter holiday and breathtaking hunting together.

As one of the first and most experienced yacht charter company in Turkey, we offer a wide range of activities and a variety of entertainment for our customers. We also customize hunting tours in combination with Turkey yacht charterthat is organized along beautiful coves and islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Dive into the blue waters; relax under the warm rays of the tropical sun while enjoying refreshments.

In Turkey yacht charter, you will have the opportunity to hunt in accordance with the Turkish Laws and Regulations. We work with experts hunting clubs and associations. You will be welcomed by our professional hunting guides who can take you to the best places where you can find wild boars.

This type of tourism is not possible to be arranged on a yacht cabin charter. These tours can only be arranged with a Turkey private yacht charter. You just have to decide how many days you can share, the yacht that you like to cruise on or your budget. All the rest is our work. Bodtur Yachting will prepare a program for you and send you the yacht options for your consideration. We combine your hunting program on a yacht with as visiting historic sites, while your family can swim, enjoy the nature.

Turkey private yacht charter

Geographic structure of Turkey is suitable for development of hunting tourism due to its nature and wildlife. Foreign hunters can hunt with hunting permission certificate issued to A class travel agencies licensed by the Ministry. In addition, foreign hunters can only hunt species and breed that set free in the private hunting grounds approved by the Wild Life General Director of Ministry of National Parks, Forests and Hunting.

Foreign hunters -who can hunt with the company of travel agencies in accordance with the relevant decision of the Central Hunting Commission and management issues related to the application of the law number 6136- can bring their hunting guns and accessories together with them.

Wild animals hunting is allowed in Turkey, however is determined each year according to the hunting periods and the species to be hunted. These changes are determined by the decisions of the Central Hunting Commission and organized every year. Bear, hook horned mountain goat, wild goat (Bezoar Ibex), wild boar, wolf, jackal, lynx, fox are some of the animals allowed to be hunted during hunting tourism for local and foreign hunters.

If you think that hunting in Turkey on yacht charter is a great idea for your next vacation, you can choose from three different regions; namely Gokova, Fethiye and Kas. You can choose from a wide selection of luxury yachts in Turkey and enjoy your best hunting adventure and  Turkey yacht charter .