Gulet yacht charter along the Greek Islands, Symi

Gulet yacht charter along the Greek Islands, Symi

Symi is one of the most attractive islands of the Dodecanese. On gulet yacht charter you get to this beautiful island, famous fish cuisine, natural sponges and spices. Take a comfortable gulet yacht charter and discover this little gem of the Mediterranean, which two centuries ago was the world's largest center for the production of marine sponges. Traditional souvenir shop marine sponges, corals, shells, sea sponges; all exist on Symi in great abundance. You learn how to extract and process the sponge which species exist and what they are used, how to choose a quality sponge and how to look after it.

You will be amazed with the contrast. Pure monastery at the edge of the turquoise bay on one side of the island, and on the other - bright colorful capital of Symi. Walking along the picturesque waterfront will give you the opportunity to appreciate the beauty and attraction of this place, enjoy seafood in one of the taverns and admire the architecture of the buildings.

While sailing here on your gulet yacht charter, see Monastery of the Archangel Michael. In the holy monastery, it-s kept the miraculous icon of the Archangel Michael, the temple is famous for its unique wall paintings, carved wooden iconostasis and magnificent chapel. The monastery is the seat of Metropolitan Symi and two museums of Byzantine art and folklore. A gulet yacht charter will show the full flavor of life on the island.

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Visitors often called Symi "Venice of the Greece" or "puppet town" due to its small colorful houses fascinate guests with its extraordinary beauties. Enjoy seafood cuisine and spectacular views of picturesque harbor where you can buy a variety of souvenirs. During your gulet yacht charter, visit Symi-s preserved the traditional workshop, which produces handbags, wallets, belts, shoes and other articles of leather. In the workshop, a picture of the mask and the skin with views of the island is also presented.

On the Turkish boat of your gulet yacht charter, you can always enjoy excellent drinks and taste the local dishes, then you will surely admit that you've never eaten anything like this. All of this will enable you to appreciate the beauty of the stunning sunsets of the Mediterranean, you happen to swim in the blue waters, visit the wonderful bay. This is a dream yacht vacation. Evening activities on gulet yacht charter begins with a sumptuous dinner. It is always pleasant music to entertain guests. It remains superfluous to add that gulet yacht charter is an unforgettable joyful recreation.