Blue Cruise to the Greek Islands, Nisyros - 1

Blue Cruise to the Greek Islands, Nisyros - 1

Probably, you plan to cruise and visit the volcano crater in Nisyros Island in your Blue cruise thru the South Dodecanese Greek Islands. Some villages are located right on the crest of the caldera with a diameter of almost 3 km. It was occurred at the edges of huge boulders of fantastic shapes, hollow inside. And just at the bottom of a large crater with the depth of 30 meters, you can feel the breath of a volcano. Here heard the characteristic hum round crystal education sulfur emptiness with bubbling boiling liquid manure, emissions of sulfur dioxide from the holes, the smell of hydrogen sulfide, apparently it all resembles a lunar landscape. White houses were formed from lava and ash with marvelous contrast against the dark rocks.

You will be moored at the island's capital Mandraki during the Blue Cruise. This is a picturesque village with narrow maze of cobbled streets, leading away up to the monastery of the Virgin Cave. There, right in the rock, was found a miraculous icon of the Virgin, now a place of pilgrimage for Christians. You will be surprised by the local culinary specialties and a variety of traditional crafts of the island.

At a distance of 13 km from Mandraki, the Nikea village was built at an altitude of 400 meters with white houses and colorful traditional windows and doors. It lies beneath the giant Stefanos crater. Its depth reaches to 30 meters. Here, you will also see ProfitisIlias - the highest European volcanic hill with up to three craters. As a result of a strong volcanic explosion in 1552, five craters were formed as part of the Lakki island.

Nisyros Blue Cruise

Blue Cruise on Nisyros will reveal unique pictures which evoke awe. The white houses, harbors, black lace rocks, colorful boats, dark volcanic sand and, of course, the crater of the volcano with an almost supernatural flowers will offer you a different experiences than the others in this Blue cruise. According to the legend, the mythical island appeared after the war between the Gods and the Titans for the possession of the universe. Nisyros was previously an active volcano, but currently it is not active. The volcano has lastly erupted This island Nisyros most insignificant of all islands in the Dodecanese group, which is located between the islands of Kos and eminent Tilos. So, the best way visiting this island is by a Blue Cruise. about 700 years ago. The tourists usually visit this island by tours from neighboring islands or by a Turkish Blue cruise.

Thirty kilometers long coastline of the island is full with huge amount of a wide variety large and small beaches, as well as bays and inlets around you swims with Blue Cruise. They are sandy or pebble beaches. Not far from the main town of the island, there is one of the most beautiful local beaches - Hohlakov with gorgeous black volcanic pebbles. It is located in the shadow of the black rocks that cast gold at sunset, when the sun is below the horizon collapses. Besides, near Mandraki, there is a marvelous beach of Agios Savvas.

Near Pali, you can also find spectacular Asprey Ammo beach with smooth sand shining like fine glass. If you go a little further, you will see the Pahya Ammos beach - this idyllic secluded beach with white sand that does not stick to the body.