Blue Cruise to a Greek Island, Santorini - 1

Blue Cruise to a Greek Island, Santorini - 1

In Santorini, Greece has much to offer for guests of Turkey private yacht charter. Beautiful ports of its winding coastline give your cruise a taste of authentic Greek life, complete with delicious food and traditional culture. A Turkey private yacht charter is the perfect way to discover the Greek islands such as Corfu and the Ionian Islands, Aegean and Sporades Islands, Mykonos and the Cyclades, and the Rhodes and the Dodecanese Islands.

Santorini Island is shrouded in many legends. Some call it the Pompeii of the Aegean Sea, because the city that existed here 3500 years ago died because of the volcano. Others are looking for here Atlantis, because after the eruption of a large part of the island went under the water, forming a huge caldera. But that does not stop and consider those and other Santorini beautiful islands of the Mediterranean Sea.

Santorini - the island of great beauty, the beauty of the wild, unearthly, created during the creation of the world. Deep clear water sky, blue color! Black, red, white sand and the same unusual color pebbles. Santorini is a truly a magical island.

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Santorini (Santorinian Archipelago) is formed of by five volcanic islands in the Aegean Sea. Once upon a time, it was one of the round shape islands and was called Strong, which translated from Greek and meant round. The catastrophic earthquake of about 3.5 thousand years ago led to the flooding of the island. Scientists suggest that the sunken part of the island is Atlantis disappeared, but its remnants Santorinian archipelago. The result was numerous islands - fragments, the largest of them about. Tyre, it is called Santorini and 4 island Thirassia, NeaKameni, PaleaKameni and Aspronissi, together forming a ring. Now the shape of the island of Santorini resembles a crescent moon.

Santorini is an island of divine beauty. Relaxing on a yacht is probably the perfect way and it will be an unforgettable Turkey private yacht charter. When you-ll get closer to the island with your yacht, Santorini will show you a fantastic spectacle. Your Turkey yacht is in a deep bay, which is a crater of an extinct volcano. Long extinct volcano itself and does not pose a threat. But traces of its activity cause a chill on the back. Huge rocks of hardened black lava on the background of the emerald sea surface, white, red and black sand beaches and white domes of churches - a living picture. The last time the volcano woke up in 1956, its eruption caused a major earthquake and tsunami, while most of the cities were destroyed, and many residents left the island, left about 400 people. Currently, the island's population is about 13500.