Blue Cruise to a Greek Island, Patmos - 2

Blue Cruise to a Greek Island, Patmos - 2

During your Turkey boat charter to Patmos, you should visit the Cave of the Apocalypse and Monastery of St. John. Cave of the Apocalypse is the main attraction and pride of Patmos. It is between Scala and Chora. Here in the 95 - 97 years AC, St. John had lived and written the -Revelation- after hearing God's voice in this small cave. The cave survived to this day and is a place of pilgrimage and worship.

Monastery of St. John is the monastery from the XVII century, built around the cave and being on top of the mountain choirs which offer extraordinary beauty of the city. From the monastery down the hill, residential buildings are located. Some of them dates back to 17-19 BC. The monastery is surrounded by crenellated walls and includes the main church and another five chapels. In its treasury, Byzantine icons are stored. At later periods, the holy thicket (chalices), embroidery 9th century and other valuables, parchments, manuscripts and rare editions of books. In the chapel of Virgin Mary, it is possible to see the preserved frescoes relating to the 1210-1220.

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Kambos is one of the largest beaches on the island. Well organized and have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of water sports. Grikos is one of the most popular one by the tourists. There are a lot of taverns. Agriolivadi beach is the one where you can find a Beach Bar. Melo is a calm beach where the water is always calm and clean. There are trees that provide welcome all visitors. There is a camping in the neighborhoods. Asprey is a quiet beach where a few people lives and it can be reached on foot. It-s located near the cliff and it offers a wonderful view of the monastery. Vaio beach is characterized with its cold water.

Cruise to Patmos during your Turkey boat charter along the fascinating coast of North Dodecanese Greek Islands. This will give you an amazing opportunity to see the land of civilizations of ancient Lycia and Caria, a dip in the azure waters of the Aegean coast, enjoy the journey along the pristine bays covered with emerald forests and framed by sand and pebble beaches. Here the culture of ancient civilizations intertwined with exotic vacation spots. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the masterpieces of Turkish cuisine which has been recognized as one of the best in the world. We offer you the best routes on a Turkey boat charter along North Dodecanese Greek Islands as well as Turkish Carian and Lycian coast.