Blue Cruise to a Greek Island, Patmos - 1

Blue Cruise to a Greek Island, Patmos - 1

Harbor and islands of Greece are among the most popular yacht cruise destinations during a Turkey boat charter. We invite you on a journey where the pine and fir forests escape from the slopes of the mountain right in the azure waters of the Aegean Sea where the "myriad" pearl islands scattered loose once generous hand of the Most High and where clean water is the deepest shades of color from dark blue to light. Here, the spirit of ancient history is literally floating in the air along the islands. Best routes to cruise along the Greek archipelagos include travel along the islands can be scheduled thru Dodecanese Islands.

In this article, we'll take a Turkey boat charter on the island of Patmos. Patmos is one of the most impressive ones because of the beauty of its wild life. It is also called the "Island of the Apocalypse" because at the end of the first century AD, St. John the Evangelist who in the latter wrote a scripture "Apocalypse" or "Revelation" had been sent to the Patmos Island. The island is soaked in religiosity. In addition to its rich religious history, there are more than 50 churches and monasteries. The island is rocky and almost treeless. Patmos Island consists of three parts, each of which is connected to the rest of the narrow isthmuses width of 2 km. Population is about 2,500 people. Main Bay of the Island is Porto Skala, which is also a port.

Patmos boat charter

A characteristic feature of Patmos is a lot of capes, which offers amazing beauty of the Aegean Sea. The caves of Patmos Island are also impressive. The most important is the Cave of the Apocalypse (of which will be explained in the continuing article), followed by the cave Kinopa, Apollo, Negro Sikamias, Alikes Furnakya and Fokospiles.

Until recently, the island of Patmos was considered for lovers of a relaxing holiday and especially in a Turkey boat charter. Each tourist will find here everything of their heart wish: picturesque taverns with Greek music, venues, cafes, bars ... Regularly arranged festivals are also possible. In short, Patmos is the island for every taste! You should visit if you will head up to north of Bodrum by your Turkey boat .