Blue Cruise to a Greek Island, Mykonos - 1

Blue Cruise to a Greek Island, Mykonos - 1

Turkey private yacht charter to Mykonos - 1

Welcome to the most cosmopolitan island of Greece. Mykonos has become famous around the world, eclipsing its popularity Capri and becoming more fashionable than Hawaii. In the beaches or on the yachts moored in the coves, it-s possible to see the celebrities or Hollywood stars sunbathing. It was visited by Prince Carlos, Madonna, Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Mick Jagger and many others. Mykonos is a symbol of a free life. In 6 nautical miles is the island of Delos, the sacred island, which according to legend was born Apollo and his sister, the goddess of the moon and of hunting Artemis (Diana). Starting from 88 AC, the island is inhabited and is recognized as an open air museum.Turkey private yacht charter is a good opportunity to be on these crystal clear waters and the blazing sun.

In Mykonos, there are a few symbols that you can probably see on travel brochures. Windmills are one of those and today some of them are converted into museums, shops and even hotels. Another symbol is the pelicans. Citizens claim that birds were brought hereby Jacqueline Kennedy who loved the island and established his reputation as a fashionable resort.

This coastal area of the city is known as "Little Venice". Channels here to search is not necessary, the similarity with the Italian prototype - in the architecture of tiny houses with balconies. Mykonos is one of the main stops of cruise ships, ocean liners and traditional Turkish gulets running on Turkey private yacht charters. It's interesting how these giant cruise ships and ocean liners can moor in a small harbor, among other small yachts.

Mykonos style white houses with blue shutters are another symbol. On the streets of the city, you can meet a celebrity or some other famous people. If you want to witness how Mykonos turned into a fashionable resort, go for a walk in the early morning when the shops are closed and the streets are deserted. This quite look of the town is amazing. During these hours only small shops and a bakery, which is easily detected by the lovely scent of freshly baked bread, are working. The locals come together and share the latest news leisurely. At the pier of the old port there is a small green market. Later in a few hours the cafe on the promenade will be full with tourists. This face of Mykonos is much nicer to see during your Turkey private yacht charter