Blue Cruise to a Greek Island, Leros -1

Blue Cruise to a Greek Island, Leros -1

A Turkish gulet yacht is a perfect choice for yacht cruise in Greek Islands. A yacht cruise around the Dodecanese Islands is the mandatory part of the sailing programs of  Turkey yacht cruises. This archipelago consists of 32 islands and it is the ideal place for a secluded vacation at the beaches, exploring the historic towns, fisherman villages and visits the charming secluded, uninhabited coves.

Between the islands of Patmos and Kalymnos, Leros is the island with many small hills and fertile plains, with deep, lush greenery coves and beautiful beaches. Homer described Leros in a poem about the Trojan War, in which the residents participated. The island has been inhabited since prehistoric times. More than 10,000 years, it has offered everyone deep crystal clear waters to enjoy the nature and silence. Today, it is still offering these wonders to visitors coming by Turkey yacht cruises

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The island center - Agia Marina - is covered with white houses, neoclassical buildings and narrow streets. It begins with the sea and then climbs the hill on top where stands the gray hulk of the Roman-Byzantine fortress. Leros was used to play a very important role in the Byzantine era, it has retained the look that she gave the Knights of Saint John (Hospitallers), arrived on the island of Leros in the 14th century. And here today towering walls of the fortress which is located inside the Church of Our Lady still exist. Once, it was a place for himself and his companions chose the goddess of the hunt Artemis. Get to know the island, you begin to understand what motives moved by it and therefore fully agree with the choice of a beautiful goddess. It is really very hard to resist the magnificent beauty and amazing atmosphere full of peace that prevails in Leros. The port of the island is in 3 kilometers distance south of Agia Marina. Leros also has a lot of deep, well-protected bays that from time immemorial makes it an excellent base for ships. Worth to visit beaches in Agia Marina are Pandeli, Vromopitos and Apindo.

At the end of the port lies the ancient fortress of Bourtzi. It may not be wrong to say that the beach of Agia Marina, which faces the water mill, is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Eastern Mediterranean. Pandeli is a small fisherman village where actively attracts large number of tourists every year.