Blue Cruise to a Greek Island, Kos

Blue Cruise to a Greek Island, Kos

Among professional yachtsmen, Kos is one of the most popular regions of swimming where true lovers of Greece and Turkey yacht charters admire the pristine beauty, rich cultural heritage, unlimited recreational opportunities and great tourism potential in the field of yachting. It may not be your first Turkey yacht charter but at least once in your life, but you should visit Kos.

While choosing an itinerary for Turkey yacht charter, you may include Kos and some other Greek Islands en-route. Kos is one of the most popular islands of Dodecanese archipelagos. It is full of greenery, warm sun and beautiful nature. It is the third largest island in the archipelago, to the present time to preserve the unique flavor of Greek lands. This emerald island is an ideal place for a leisure Turkey Yacht Charter; it gives each visitor a palette of bright colors and experiences, and most importantly - a sense of harmony with nature. Due to its mild climate and abundant sunshine, Kos can be considered as one of the greenest of the Greek islands. In ancient times, the island of Kos was used to be called as "Garden of the Aegean Sea" because of the lush greenery that covers it. Today these wonderful forests adorn the mostly mountainous part. The island attracted thousands of tourists and has become a popular destination forTurkey yacht charter.

Kos Yacht charter

Kos is homely, cute and patriarchal with small villages, grazing goats, pacified tourists. Hard to believe that in ancient times there was one of the four most famous temples dedicated to Asclepius, and the great Hippocrates founded a medical school. Passions raged over the island, and the invaders succeeded each other, trying to take over this small but strategically important piece of land. Gradually passions subsided and overgrown grass fortress of the Knights of ion exchangers. On the battlefields grow tomatoes, grazing domestic animals, and are increasingly being built luxury hotels in which all seek the same foreigners, but for peaceful purposes.

The island became known worldwide with Hippocrates as the birthplace of this father of medicine. Every year, it attracts thousands of medical scientists of different specialties to international conferences and festivals. The famous "Hippocratic Oath" was written here and the first scientific school of Art Therapy where his years of experience and knowledge passed was found here. Hippocrates was known with his disciples both in theory and in practice.

The hot sulfur springs that you will meet only during your Turkey Yacht Charter visit to Kos are great sources for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. Greek cuisine from natural products, the forgotten residents of large cities, brings not only health, but also fun. The mild climate, sea are the pluses to invite atmosphere of relaxation and recreation. Amazing variety of beaches on the island: the extended and very small, white, golden or black volcanic sand, shingle and picturesque coves. So in some places can be found in shallow natural Jacuzzi, which rise from the bottom of countless bubbles on some beaches there curative black sand. And on the coast near Psalidi, you can find hot springs, which contain a lot of sulfur.