Blue Cruise to a Greek Island, Lipsi - 2

Blue Cruise to a Greek Island, Lipsi - 2

Due to the significant distance from the mainland of Lipsi, there is too large influx of tourists, so this place is ideal for lovers with quiet and secluded areas. It is a paradise of tranquility and beauty, an elite heaven and the ideal place in aTurkey Boat Charter. Especially in August, the popularity of Lipsi Island increases when they celebrate the religious festival of Panagia Haro (patron saint of the island) and Wine Festival. Lipsi Island is small that it can be easily visited on foot; you can take a wonderful walk in your stop during the Turkey Boat Charter. Local myths tells that this is the place where the nymph Calypso kept for seven years in captivity Odyssey, although legends of mainland Greece include this place as far west.

Most lovely hiking trail stretches to the west above the coast, from the far end of the bay to bay Kampos Kimsey (3 hours walk there and back), where the tiny monastery above the shore, near a spring on the island only lived especially revered local hermit Philip (died at age 85 in 2002, now in the monastery there is a small memorial in his honor).

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Unlike many Greek islands, Lipsi has managed to keep intact their forests and sandy beaches. The island is a member of the European Society for Natural Environmental Protection. While sailing during the Turkey Boat Charter, you will discover an amazing combination of cliffs, coves, caves and sea in this island. Lipsi has a long tourist tradition. In the times when the island belonged to the Byzantine Empire, the whole rest here loved Byzantine know fleeing affairs and concerns of Constantinople, knowing a lot about the beauty and recreation, body and soul. Following the tradition of the Byzantine nobility and today, the fans of the island come here every summer for a wonderful holiday.

In Lipsi, there are many beautiful beaches where you will find peace and solitude. Choice for swimming, snorkeling or fishing is endless. Enjoy a swim in the crystal waters on your personal beach with small hidden caves, moving on foot or by boat. Around the island, there are small uninhabited islands that are heaven of rare birds, Aegean gulls and some rarest seabird kinds.

Don't forget to taste the locally produced natural products like honey, cheese and wine and enjoy your fabulous Turkey Boat Charter on the island of Lipsi.