Biking and Turkish Blue Cruise

Biking and Turkish Blue Cruise

Many people might have joined to a Turkish Blue Cruise. Especially if you are biker or love cycling, there is a more surprising way to discover another Turkey; the country with centuries old history, monuments, hardworking and very friendly people. Go on a Turkish Blue Cruise on a luxury Turkish yacht and ride bikes away from the bustle of the cities and feel real Turkey.

Turkey is an ancient land inhabited by man since time immemorial, a place of formation of the many civilizations and cultures, the country's rich history and large number of monuments. Here you can perfectly combine a relaxing blue cruise holiday on a Turkish yacht , with excellent shopping, unique ancient cities with active rest and rehabilitation or treatment with an acquaintance with the distinctive culture by biking.

turkish blue cruise

All discussed with each client individually, the complexity of the route, the length of time. You can actively spend time by exploring the attractions and then relax and unwind with a blue cruise. You choose your gullet (traditional Turkish yacht). There you will have the opportunity to see beautiful bays and harbors, swimming, water sports, food and overnight stay on board.

You do not have to carry the bicycles on board. Our instructors and the team meet you with all the bicycles, equipment at a pre-specified place and time. The company of instructor, professional and well-maintained mountain bikes with all required equipment are all included in the total cost of the blue cruise price. You can combine your active riding hours with lazy moments on board during a blue cruise along one of the most beautiful coastlines in the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea.